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Letters to the Editor

Todah rabbah

On behalf of The J, I want to thank the collectors whose Hanukkah menorahs were on display at the Jewish Community Campus this month. Virtually every visitor left the show expressing gratitude for the “stunning” quality and “surprising” variety. More than one person said simply, “I’m blown away.”

It was a privilege to work with Michael Klein, who provided the unique opportunity to view 16th through 20th century pieces from all over the world; Sol Gitomer and Eileen Garry; Dr. Sol and Mickey Batnitzky, whose eclectic tastes run from wire giraffes to Statues of Liberty; Gary Cortes, who with his wife Debbie of blessed memory, collected wide-ranging works during years of travel; and Ellen Chilton, who offered artwork from both her family collection and Pomegranate showroom. More importantly, Ellen provided patient and invaluable expertise in the selection, research and care of important works of art. The show would have been impossible without her.

Most especially we thank Sybil Kahn, who was the instigator and driving force behind the exhibition. Her passion for Judaica continue to be an inspiration to our community.

Jill Maidhof

Director of Jewish Experiences at The J

Trump’s successes

Wow! What a pleasant surprise! An entire issue of The Chronicle without someone taking snide potshots at Trump and his administration. In fact, all the articles were laudatory. In order not to miss this window of opportunity, this is an appropriate moment to relate the incredible successes of the Trump administration in less than one single year: 

1. Consumer confidence has risen though the roof.

2. Because of this, the Dow is at a record high, resulting in 6 trillion dollars — that’s right, 6 trillion — in new wealth.

3. New home prices are at record highs.

4. Quarterly GDP has increased to better than 3 percent — about 50 percent better than Obama could do.

5. Unemployment is down to 4 percent. Black unemployment is down to lowest point in 17 years. Hispanic unemployment is at a record low.

6. There’s robust funding for the military. Under Obama, planes, tanks and ships were immobilized because they were starved for maintenance and spare parts.

7. Illegal aliens crossing the southern border are down 50 percent.

8. ISIS caliphate has been virtually destroyed.

9. Over-regulation of the economy has been reversed.

Given this incredible success, why is Trump’s approval rating only 35 percent? Easy. Because most people don’t know about it. Television and newspapers filter the news. If you watch MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC or CBS, you never hear about it. If you read the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and most especially the Kansas City Star, you never read about it. If it isn’t on TV or in the paper, it didn’t happen. So instead, what is offered is daily sniping at Trump. Melania wore the wrong shoes in Houston. Trump makes a condolence call but didn’t use the exact words the media says he should have. He condemned Charlottesville but didn’t use the exact words the media would have preferred. And so on. Trivia. Daily, never-ending trivia.

And when they cannot avoid certain news, like the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, they trash it. Had Obama done it, they would have been ecstatic. For those Chronicle readers unaware of the above Trump accomplishments, all this will be quite an eye-opener.

Lee Levin

Leawood, Kansas